Why your business needs glass jars

When it comes to storage, there are not many substances as versatile as glass. You know something is good when people have been using it for years!

Glass has several advantages in the food industry. If you’re running a NZ food manufacturing business and especially if you’re looking at becoming more sustainable, here are a few reasons why you should be looking at glass for your packaging and other needs.

Keep your food tasting like food

Glass offers a non-toxic, non-porous surface that doesn’t leach any chemicals into the food or beverage it is holding. This is especially useful when you want to store things for long periods of time and don’t want your product to change in flavour.

Just all-round safe

Because it doesn’t leach any chemicals, glass packaging is perfect for reheating food without worrying about chemicals like BPA or phthalates from the container getting into it. This means glass containers can be used in microwaves, dishwashers, and even ovens without any risk of contamination.

Endlessly recyclable

Glass is recycled to make glass, making it a sustainable choice. Nearly 80% of glass products are recycled back into things like glass bottles, the Glass Packaging Institute has found. Fortunately for us in New Zealand, our glass is recycled and reused right here, reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Customers want it

As more and more customers move to sustainable products, they demand the same for packaging. Sustainable packaging like glass jars are not only good for the environment but also make the people who use them feel good about themselves. A survey has shown that when given a choice, customers prefer buying food and drinks in glass containers.

Premium products deserve premium packaging

Glass jars also give a more premium feel with a classic look. Imagine selling your homemade, organic feijoa jam in a cheap ugly container. It completely undermines the quality of your product.

As a homegrown New Zealand business ourselves, we understand the need for responsible manufacturing and focus heavily on sustainable packaging options. Our range of glass jars gives you a variety of sizes – from 100ml to 1L – to choose from. Whether you’re a small home business making your own jellies and spreads, or a more established one selling a range of food and beverage products, glass jars will be an invaluable addition to your business.

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