How Aluminium Jars Make Your Cosmetic Products Stand Out

Aluminium jars offer a sustainable option with a unique appearance. For a product that needs to stand out, aluminium is an eco-friendly option.

There are many reasons why aluminium could be the best packaging option for your cosmetics products. Not only is a great way to keep the product inside safe from impurity, but it’s also one of the easiest products in the world to recycle. There’s a host of great reasons why aluminium cosmetic jars are worth considering.

Aluminium is Highly Recyclable

Aluminium is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled infinitely and is currently the most cost-effective material to be recycled in NZ. To melt it down and re-mould it, it only uses 5% of the original production energy required, making it an incredibly energy-efficient recycling process. Recycling six aluminium cans offsets enough carbon emissions that are equal to a 10km journey by car. Here in NZ, we currently recycled about 76% of our aluminium.

Aluminium is so valuable that it’s one of the only materials that householders can sell to scrap metal dealers and make money. While it’s not a profitable activity for one or two cans, it can certainly be worth it in regard to leftover building materials.

Lightweight for Transit

The benefit of lightweight packaging is that is costs less to transit. For example, a 100ml aluminium jar weights 19 grams. A glass 100ml pot weighs 38 grams. For a box of 100 items, that’s almost 2kg of extra weight if you choose glass. Over the long term, this cost adds up.

Safe for a Range of Products and Cosmetics

Aluminium is reactive to a number of other substances. However, it bonds exceptionally well with a protective coating which prevents any reactions with the contents. This means that almost anything can be safely stored in aluminium cosmetic jars with no risk of leaching or changing the product’s composition.

An Excellent Barrier to Protect the Product Inside

Aluminium is an excellent barrier for moisture, air, and light. Unlike glass and plastic, it stops a product being exposed to light, increasing its shelf life and stability. This is particularly helpful for things like fragrances, which can be affected by exposure to light.

Looks Great

Because most brands still rely on plastic or glass containers, aluminium containers look different on the shelf. Aluminium containers for cosmetics can have in-line printing, which looks fantastic and eliminates one step in the branding process. It also creates less waste than traditional stickers.

Drawbacks of Using Aluminium

There are three main downfalls to aluminium.

  • Because it’s quite soft, it does dent easily. Unless the dent pierces the can, this doesn’t affect the functionality or safety of the product, but it can affect the look. While glass breaks and renders the product unusable, aluminium jars are still saleable and safe.
  • Aluminium requires bauxite ore to create. This can create negative environmental outcomes for the communities where it’s mined. However, you can negate this by only encouraging your buyers to recycle the container once the product is complete.
  • It is in demand. Because of that high cost to create and its recyclable properties, aluminium cosmetic containers are wanted, perhaps impacting supply. This is another reason why it’s so important that we recycle.
Want Aluminium Cosmetic Packaging in NZ?

Here at Comag, we’ve had years in the industry, and we can help advise you on the best packaging option for your products. Alongside aluminium, we have a range of plastics and glass, so you know you’re getting the best outcome for you.

Our aluminium range is often used for candles and cosmetic items like lotions, samples, hair products, and lip balms.

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