Find the Perfect Glass Jar Caps and Lids for Your Product


The ideal closure for your glass jars keeps your product safe, and delivers the best experience to your consumers.

It might sound easy, but there are multiple factors in choosing the best cap or lid. With such a wide range of closures available in the market today, it can be tricky to choose the right one for your product. Depending on the item that needs to be packed, lid closures need to keep the contents secure, safe from tampering and ensure ideal dispensation. Often, some lid closures are preferred over others by a specific industry.

There are a range of different lid types for our glass jars.

  • MTB Medium Twistoff Button
  • MTO Medium Twistoff
  • RTO Regular Twistoff
  • RTS Regular Twistoff Step
  • RFB Regular Twistoff Fluted Button
  • DTB Deep Twistoff Button
  • FSB Regular Twistoff Fluted with Step and Button
  • RTB Regular Twistoff Button
  • DTO Deep Twistoff Fluted
  • RFO Regular Twistoff Fluted
  • RSB Regular Twistoff with Step and Button
  • FSO Regular Twistoff Fluted with Step

The terms refer to the various properties of the lid:

  • Medium or regular or deep: Sizes
  • Twistoff: Twists off the jar
  • Button: The safety button on the top which ‘pops’ when the seal is broken to assure customers of safety and no tampering
  • Fluted: Indentations around the circumference of the lid to help with grip
  • Step: A step on the top of the lid around the circumference which helps enable better stackability, and adds rigidity to the lid

Which Lid for Which Product?

Our lids are strong, easy to put on, and are coated with material on the inside that is non-reaction, safe, and helps to maintain a complete seal.

Do You Need Security and Tamper-Proof Lids?

For any product where security is of utmost importance, safety buttons are a must-have. They show if the lid has been damaged in transit and air (and therefore bacteria) has entered the jar. It also shows if anyone has opened the jar and used or modified the contents. It can only be used if the product is hot when put in the jar, or there is the ability to use heating to seal it shut such as sterilisation in order for the vacuum to form.

Should the Lid Be Easy to Remove from Glass Jars?

The idea of twist off caps is that they are easy to remove- no need for a bottle or can opener. Most people can remove the lid easily, or have developed strategies (like hot water application or using a knife under the lid to break the seal) to do so. Fluted edges help to remove the lid by providing more grip via indentations.

Do You Have Special Product Considerations?

There are factors that mean you may need a specific type of cap. Things that contain oil or that are highly acidic like pickles or olives need caps designed for them. Also, as mentioned above, if the product will be hot when put in the jar or heated, or cold-close. Call us to chat about the specifics of your product and its requirements, and we can advise.

Types of Glass Jars NZ

You’ll need to match the glass jars with lids. We have a large range of jar sizes and shapes, perfect for any product. Our 1L round glass jars are perfect for bulk preserving jars in NZ, for home bottled goods.

Metal Twist Cap Types

Now you know the jar type, and the type of lid you need, simply choose from our selection.

If you still aren’t sure, contact us at Comag. Depending on the product you’re packing, there are a variety of concerns to consider, and we can help you make the best choice. Whether it’s a cold drink, preserves, pickles, or you just want to chat about our glass jars, our Auckland office has helpful staff and the answers you need.

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