Scoop Tub Lid

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Designed to complement the 5 litre scoop tub, these lids offer a versatile solution for maintaining the freshness of freshly prepared foods, whether you’re storing them in a household refrigerator or a commercial chiller. While these tubs are traditionally associated with ice creams, gelato, and sorbets, the adaptability of both the tubs and lids expands their utility into various culinary contexts.

Beyond their conventional role, these tubs and lids shine as multifunctional assets, providing a seamless transition from sweet treats to savoury delights. In the hospitality industry, where efficiency and quality preservation are paramount, these accessories are an indispensable addition to your toolkit.

Their compatibility with the 5 litre scoop tub enhances your food storage options, ensuring your offerings remain at their peak quality. Whether you’re a professional chef striving for culinary excellence or a business owner in the hospitality sector seeking reliable storage solutions, these tubs and lids are an essential investment.

These lids which are designed to partner with the 5 litre scoop tub, elevate your food storage game. Versatile and multifunctional, they extend their usefulness beyond frozen desserts, making them a must-have for anyone in the hospitality industry. Ensure your freshly prepared foods stay fresh and delicious with these indispensable accessories.

  • Colours White
  • Length (mm) 355
  • Width (mm) 167
  • Height (mm) 9
  • Diameter (mm)
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Brimful Volume
  • Material Polypropylene
  • Closure Size
  • Dip Tube Length (mm)
  • Pack Size 90
  • Pallet Qty.
  • MOQ 10
  • Internal Diameter (mm)
  • Neck Finish
  • Lid Colours
  • Seal Type
  • Honey Weight (approx.)

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